304082876 — Routing Number of Centris Federal Credit Union in Omaha (2024)


Eric Smoyer

January 26, 2018 01:30

These guys are good but nothing sticks out about them that really wows me. Their staff is friendly; wish they were a little further ahead in regard to technology and online banking stuff. I prefer credit unions and coming from SAC these guys are definitely better. Interest rates are good. My only qualm with them is they do not work with you on mortgages if you have graduate schooling and higher debt like I did; had to go to First Westroads who were amazing to work with in that regard. Will probably stick with Centris until I decide to pull the trigger to go elsewhere.

Unhappy With Service

April 17, 2018 21:53

I have been a member of Centris for years. I have always paid my loans and ODP if used in full in a matter of days. Recently, I had an issue with my deposit being put in the wrong account. It was suppose to go into my account to cover my negative balance. The teller ended up putting it in the wrong account, an account I'm not on, so there fore unable to move it. I have been fighting it and emailing back and forth with a rep who tells me nothing can be done, and I'm basically out the money because it was spent by the account owner of the other account. I feel neither one of should be out the money. I recently found out that it was turned over to NAS who is now in the process of "suing" for the money. All of which is unacceptable, beings it was error not caused my me. What happened to Centris being a members life long financial partner, and helping them and correcting their errors they have made. I use to refer Centris to anyone and everyone, but in the last few years, they don't seem to be member oriented but more about the money and what they are bringing in, instead of showing they care about the member. They have officially become a bank.


March 17, 2018 18:01

I have been banking with Centris for 10 years now. I started off simply getting a checking/savings account. After about a month, I got their $500 loan which wasnt bad. After i did that, I got their credit line in which I’ve had ever since. I really really liked this bank.

But for the last 2 years, their service has declined as a bank. They tout out these awards they’ve won each year for being such a great bank. Yet, when you’re banking with them, they suck hardcore. They’re becoming almost as bad as Wells Fargo.

I have a car loan thru them and I’ve gotten behind a few times(which is my fault) they put a hold on your savings account and when you catch up on your loan, they remove the hold.

Well recently, I got behind again and they put a lien on my account. I caught myself up 2 weeks later (2/23/18) after they put the lien on my account(savings 2/9/18). Well it’s 3/17/18 and they still have a lien on my account on “permanent hold” I thought they removed the lien which they always do when I catch myself up. But yesterday(3/16/18) I transferred money into my saving to set aside. Well come to find out, they never removed the hold. I called to their customer service and they’re saying, “I see you have a hold on your account, but we have no one in our financial department to see what’s going on. So you’re out X amount of dollars until Monday.”

So basically, because they have failed to remove the lien on my account after nearly a month of being caught up, I am out X amount of dollars because they failed to do their job. I’m pretty much fed up with this bank and am thinking about switching banks for good. I’m sad about saying that because I’ve been with them for so long and they were actually a good bank at one time. But i think it’s time to find someone who won’t F me over for not doing their job

Laura Jean

May 5, 2018 02:54

I’m happy at CFCU but every time I call the account services line I’m on hold for up to 20 minutes no matter what time I call & when I click to be connected with a specific branch the branch location phone rings & rings & rings. I don’t understand why a phone service is offered if it doesn’t work??

Zaina Ware

March 22, 2018 22:06

I have been with Centris for over a year and came in to replace my lost card and they wanted to charge me $5! I said no way and the teller said most banks charge more, which is baloney! I have never paid for a lost bank card in all the years that I have had a bank account.

I told the teller, "I would rather close my account than to pay the $5." She replied, "How would you like your bills!?" I was shocked at how easliy they were willing to close my account. They sure don't go out of their way to try and keep or evn please their customers. Long story short, I closed my account and will never suggest to anyone to bank with Centris!

304082876 — Routing Number of Centris Federal Credit Union in Omaha (2024)


Does centris federal credit union use zelle? ›

Download the Centric Federal Credit Union App:

Log into the Centric Federal Credit Union app. Under Menu Bar on left, select "Send Money with Zelle®." Enroll your U.S. mobile number or email address. You're ready to start sending and receiving money with Zelle.

How to get a new debit card centris? ›

If you have not received your new card, please contact Cardmember Service, 24/7, at 1-800-558-3424 to request a replacement card.

How do I change my Centris password? ›

If you would like to change your password for security purposes, log in to your mobile banking account, go to Menu, Settings, and click on Security preferences. Select Change Password.

How big is Centris Federal Credit Union assets? ›

Financial Fast Facts
Balance SheetIncome Statement (ytd)
Total Assets1,304,390,36580,161,459
Total Liabilities1,207,101,61320,083,019
Total Shares and Deposits1,051,859,19932,253,827
8 more rows

Can I use Zelle to send money to my other bank account? ›

Yes, but you must use a different email address or U.S. mobile number for each bank account you enroll with Zelle®. Since this is a unique identifier that tells us where to deposit or transfer funds, you'll need a different email address or U.S. mobile number for each account you enroll with Zelle®.

Can you receive Zelle without a bank account? ›

Zelle requires a bank account to send and receive money, but you may be able to sign up with select prepaid Visa or Mastercard debit cards. Unfortunately, not all prepaid debit cards will work with Zelle, but you'll have the best luck with cards that requires a phone number, billing address, and email address.

Can I get a new debit card without going to the bank? ›

Use digital banking when it's convenient to place your order (see steps below). We've recently enhanced our automated phone system. It's also a great way to order a replacement debit card without the need to talk to a banker.

How long does centris mobile deposit take? ›

Deposits made before 4:30pm M-F will generally be available the same day. Deposits made after 4:30pm M-F will generally be available the next business day by 11am. Deposits made after 4:30pm Friday through Sunday will generally be available Monday at 11am.

Can you set up a debit card online? ›

Once you are approved for a checking account the debit card is often provided to you. If one is not automatically provided, you can apply for a debit card online or through your bank's customer service department.

How can I reset my Homestreet bank password? ›

How do I change my user ID and/or password? Sign into your Online Banking profile and select the "Customer Service" tab. Then, under the "Account Maintenance" column, select "Change User ID" or "Change Password." Changing User IDs and passwords can only be done via Online Banking.

What is the richest credit union? ›

Navy Federal Credit Union

What are the three top credit unions? ›

Here are some of the country's top credit unions:
  • Alliant Credit Union. Alliant offers an above-average interest rate for savings. ...
  • Consumers Credit Union. ...
  • Navy Federal Credit Union. ...
  • Connexus Credit Union. ...
  • First Tech Federal Credit Union.

Which state has the most credit unions? ›

Which States Have the Most Credit Unions?
  • Texas. Texas leads the way with one of the highest numbers of credit unions in the country. ...
  • 2. California. California follows closely behind, with a substantial number of credit unions across the state. ...
  • Michigan. ...
  • Ohio. ...
  • Pennsylvania.
Nov 13, 2023

Why don t credit unions have Zelle? ›

As with Apple Pay, credit unions worry about signing up for another brand's service that stands between them and their members. Danvers disagrees with that philosophy because the credit union would still be the funding mechanism for any payments that are made through Zelle, Venmo or other P2P apps.

Do all banks and credit unions accept Zelle? ›

No. Unfortunately, either the sender or recipient must belong to a bank or credit union that offers Zelle for a transfer to work. The person who doesn't have Zelle directly can download the Zelle app and enroll with a Visa or Mastercard debit card.

How much is the transfer fee for Centris? ›

Today, there is a $5.00 Transfer Fee (Overdraft Protection) associated with transactions where Centris automatically transfers from a savings, money market, line of credit or separate checking account to cover an item or transaction that may be presented for more than your available balance.

What happens if you Zelle someone who doesn't have Zelle? ›

If money is sent and the recipient isn't enrolled with Zelle, they'll get a notice with instructions on how to register. If you sent funds to their mobile phone number, they'll get a text message.


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