Emma Kotos (Emma Kotos): biography of the model (2024)

Emma Kotos (Emma Kotos): biography of the model (1)

A charming blonde with a delightful figure and an angelic delicate face: American Emma Kotos is one of the stars of Instagram, a successful bikini model, loved by a huge audience of admirers. She has very little left in 2021 to a million followers on Instagram. Emma Kotos is also officially called a media personality: people go to her profile to get acquainted with the latest fashion, her name is often mentioned in virtual media and in print publications.

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  1. Official data
  2. About her life and journey as an Instagram celebrity
  3. Emma Kotos and her pets
  4. About her personal life
  5. Interesting facts

Official data

  • Date of birth: 1998, July 4;
  • Zodiac sign: Cancer;
  • Location birth: USA, Connecticut, Hartford;
  • Height and weight: 157 cm, about 45 kg;
  • Occupation: Instagram blogger, bikini model;
  • Marital status, children: single, no children.

About her life and journey as an Instagram celebrity

There is evidence that Emma Kotos spent her entire childhood in Hartford, attending school and university there – before she became famous on social networks. During her school years, she studied ballet, and the girl was also a member of a support group for sports fans. She first appeared on the Instagram platform in 2016, and immediately attracted the attention of resource users with her delicate beauty and graceful figure. But for some unknown reason, the girl rarely updated her profile, and she began to show real activity in 2020.

Emma Kotos (Emma Kotos): biography of the model (3)

The beautiful bikini model, along with the development of the Instagram profile, began to cooperate with famous brands, including:

  • “For Love and Lemons”;
  • “Sam Marcel Cosmetics”;
  • “Tiger Mist”;
  • “Yandy”.

She also received a lot of responses on the Internet for her cooperation with the company that produces luxury jewelry items “VIVAMACITY”. The mentioned brands were joined in the list of partners by Emma Kotos by such a giant of the global fashion industry as Vogue. Fans of Emma Kotos can admire their favorite in such reputable print publications as “Maxim” and “Apple Pie”. Emma collaborates during photo sessions with famous fashion photographers, among them Leyla Stefani and David Blazze.

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Emma Kotos and her pets

Those who love four-legged creatures tend to have pets, and Emma Kotos is no exception. The Instagram star has funny cats at home. Pit bull Juice – this her favorite many times pleased the subscribers of the model with cute or funny photos. And suddenly … At the beginning of 2021, Emma Kotos created a story on Instagram, an excerpt from it: “I don’t know what to say … My beloved boy, how happy I was while you were with me. Before you, I was terribly afraid of dogs! I learned a lot from you, most importantly – selfless love. I love you and will never forget you…”

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Then a new story appeared with the title: “Fluffy Nelson” – she has an excellent sense of humor, call a pit bull fluffy! The chocolate-colored dog was given to Emma and her boyfriend, diagnosed with hydrocephalus, and they were told the dog would live another year, two at the most. “The decision to adopt Nelson is the best decision of our lives! We will do our best to keep him alive as long as possible. And he was happy while with us, ”is a quote from this story. Nelson's owner shares with fans everything the dog does: she tenderly posts funny photos of him, says that he loves to gently bite her ears and chin.

About her personal life

Instagram model Emma Kotos is officially single, but she is in a happy permanent relationship with a young man named Brandon Gray. Brandon is also active in social networks, he works in the modeling business. Just when Emma and Brandon began a relationship, the girl met Juice the pit bull – it was her boyfriend's dog. In honor of Juice after his death, Brandon made a tattoo with his image. They made the decision to adopt from the Nelson shelter together. By posting photos together with Nelson, Brandon and Emma are constantly promoting the Angelcitypits charity organization: from there they brought home a new dog.

Emma Kotos (Emma Kotos): biography of the model (6)Emma Kotos and Brandon Gray

Interesting facts

  1. Often, Emma's photos are so daring that subscribers write in shock: “Oh… holy sh*t!” Balancing on the verge of decency and bright eroticism, the girl manages to publish rather explicit materials on Instagram. But she offers the most “delicious” thing to fans in “Onlifans”: that’s where fantasies go wild!
  2. Foreign sources raised the issue that when writing biographies about Emma Kotos, it is impossible to find information about her mother. No, of course she has a mother! But who she is, what she does – there is no data about this, even a photo cannot be found on the network. But there are a lot of images with her father.
  3. Emma Kotos often shares her thoughts in stories, causing fans to debate. For example: “Do you know the difference between lust and love? I love relatives, friends, cats, dog. This love does not imply lust. Someone manages to slip into your life for a little while with such “love”. Others are capable of experiencing the right feeling!”
Emma Kotos (Emma Kotos): biography of the model (2024)


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