Emma Kotos [Model] - Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Family, Photos and Net Worth  (2024)

Emma Kotos is an American model and Instagram star who has got beautiful and attractive personality. She dived into modeling at just 22 and she is now a successful model in the US.

In this post, I will throw light on Emma Kotos’ modeling career, age, Wikipedia information boyfriend, family, and more subjects.

Who is Emma Kotos?

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Emma Kotos’ birthday comes on 4 July and she was born in 1988 in the Seattle city of Washington. And her bringing up took place in Hartford, Connecticut. Emma Kotos’ current address is Hollywood, LA, California.

The young American model is growing pretty well in her modeling career. As a result, Emma Kotos has been a part of many modeling projects. Also, she has got her place in many famous fashion magazines such as Maxim France and Apple Pie Magazine.

Early Life and Educational Qualifications

Emma Kotos’ educational qualification is very interesting. Her schooling took place at Public School in Hartford, Connecticut, US.

She is a trained ballet dancer and she has also studied signal language translation. Also, Emma also acted as a cheerleader during her school days.

Emma Kotos Biography – Age, Height, Weight, and More

American model Emma Kotos has a powerful aura and an attractive personality. Due to her attractive personality, she has maintained her strong place in the modeling world. Here are some details about Emma Kotos’ biography that you should know:

  • Birthdate – 4 July 1998
  • Age – 23 (as of 2021)
  • Birthplace – Seattle, Washington, US
  • Height – 5 ft 2 in
  • Weight – 50-55 Kg
  • Hair Color – Blonde
  • Eye Color – Green
  • Zodiac Sign – Cancer
  • Nationality – American
  • Ethnicity – White Caucasian
  • Religion – Christianity

Who is Emma Kotos’ Boyfriend?

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American model & Instagram influencer Emma Kotos’s boyfriend is Brandon Gray. He is an actor and photographer popular with his Instagram profile, “gorgeousprincegeorges”.

After seeing her photos with her lover, many people ask, “Is Emma Kotos married?” Currently, she is not.

Emma Kotos’ relationship with Brandon Gray is very strong. Brandon is also a fashion model who like Kotos is busy growing in his modeling career.

Brandon Gray has over 12K followers on his Instagram profile. Currently, both Emma Kotos and Brandon Gray have not announced their engagement and marriage schedules.

They are busy focusing on their modeling career. The couple adopted a pet dog named Fuzzy Nelson from Angel City Pit Bulls.

How Many Family Members are there in Emma Kotos’ Family?

Emma Kotos’ family details are not available as of now. It seems she loves to keep her family life private. She once uploaded a childhood picture with her father on her Instagram profile.

But there is no update available about her mother.I will update you about her family members as soon as she reveals anything about them.

Emma Kotos Net Worth and Career Details

Emma Kotos started modeling through Instagram back in 2016 and she created big news. However, she went missing from the Instagram account for some years and she again came back in 2020.

After that, Emma started posting bikini photos on her Instagram profile. Her sensual photos in attractive lingerie simply leave her fans spellbound.

Many brands approach Kotos for modeling projects. And the young fashion model has earned her place on the cover pages of many popular fashion magazines.

Some of the popular brands the American celebrity has worked with are Sam Marcel, Vivamacity Jewelry, Honey Birdette, Shein, Eats lingerie, Yandy, For Love & Lemons, Tiger Mist, Andi Bagus, etc.

Emma Kotos has photographed for many brands and magazines with many reputed photographers. Some of her favorite photographers are Leyla Stefani, David Blazze, and STwently, etc.

She is also active on Only Fans where she posts sexy photos & videos of her for paid subscribers.

As of 2021, Emma Kotos’ net worth resides in the range of $500,000 – $650,000. She earns through social media platforms, brand endorsem*nts, OnlyFans content, and modeling.

Emma Kotos Instagram – Following and Famous Photos

American model Emma Kotos has got a huge following on her Instagram account and other social media platforms. She has gained nearly 1 million followers on Instagram. All this is due to the sensual photos she uploads in bikini and exotic lingerie.

If you check Emma Kotos’ Instagram profile, you will see only motivational and sensual content. She also creates Instagram reels due to which she sees a boom in her following on Instagram.

Here are some of Emma Kotos’ photos that you should see to admire her beauty:

Emma Kotos [Model] - Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Family, Photos and Net Worth (5)

Emma Kotos [Model] - Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Family, Photos and Net Worth (6)

Emma Kotos [Model] - Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Family, Photos and Net Worth (7)

Lesser Known Facts About the American Model

Until now, you know that Emma Kotos is a sizzling American model who excels in the modeling world. She has become popular as a social media influence and model. Here are some unknown facts about Emma Kotos that you should know:

  • She struggled with depression and she works to spread awareness about this mental disorder.
  • Emma is a pet lover and she shares a pet with her boyfriend.
  • The American model & influencer is a fitness enthusiast who spends her time in meditation and exercise.
  • Kotos is a big fan of the Canadian actor John Dunsworth. She dedicated an Instagram post to offer a tribute to the actor after his death on 16 October 2017.
  • She is a disciplined personality and she maintains her routine daily.
  • Back in 2020, Kotos took part in the competition titled 2020s Miss Internet World.

Social Media Profiles

Instagram Accounthttps://www.instagram.com/emmakotos/?hl=en

Twitter Profilehttps://twitter.com/kotos_emma?lang=en

OnlyFans Accounthttps://onlyfans.com/emmakotos

Emma Kotos [Model] - Age, Wiki, Boyfriend, Family, Photos and Net Worth  (2024)


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