Free Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages (2024)

Last updated: January 14, 2024

Get ready to add a splash of love to your day with our super cute free printable Valentine's Day coloring pages! 💌💕 Whether you're a little one enchanted by hearts and unicorns or a big kid ready to dive into intricate Valentine doodles, zentangles, and mandalas, we've got something for everyone. This page is your one-stop destination for all things adorable and artsy for Valentine's Day!

Free Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Pages (1)

Our collection of Valentine's day coloring sheets features everything from super cute animals clutching hearts to deliciously sweet candy hearts, and even serene heart mandalas. 🦄❤️ We also have the cutest free printable Valentine's day card templates that you can color, cut out, and fold into personalized Valentine's cards in a snap. Imagine the joy of giving a card you've colored yourself!

Ready to start? First grab your favorite shades of pink and red, along with your sparkliest glitter and glue, and let's make this Valentine's Day a canvas for your creativity and love! 🖍️✨

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Printable Valentine's Day Coloring Sheets

Embark on a delightful coloring adventure with our diverse collection of Valentine's Day coloring sheets! Whether you're a preschooler excited to fill in simple hearts and cute animals, or an older kid, teen, or adult seeking more complex Valentine's designs, we've got you covered. Scroll through our gallery to uncover the fantastic array of options, and pick the perfect picture that calls out to your artistic heart. To print, simply click on the image to view your printable PDF. Happy Coloring! 🌈❤️🖍️

Happy Valentine's Day Coloring Page
"Be My Valentine" Dragon Coloring Page
"You Are Llamazing" Valentine to Color
Cute Valentine's Day Coloring Page for Kids
"I Love You to the Moon and Back" Rocket Coloring Page
Heart Doodle to Color
Cute Valentine Bear Coloring Page for Kids
Cute Unicorn with Valentine Coloring Page
Cute Sloth with Heart Balloon Picture to Color
Cute Unicorn with Heart Coloring Page for Kids
Valentine's Day Activity Sheet for Kids
Cartoon Dinosaurs in Love Valentine for Kids
"Sweet Heart" Valentine's Day Coloring Page
"Love" Valentine to Color
Happy Valentine's Day Doodle for Teens
Heart-shaped Flower in Pot Picture
Cute Elephant with Heart Coloring Sheet for Kids
Unicorn "Love is Magical" Coloring Page
"Best Friends" Valentine's Day Coloring Page
"You Make Me Melt" Icecream Coloring Sheet
Patterned Heart Coloring Page for Teens
"Love" Word Art Coloring Page
"You Are So Loved" Coloring Page
Cute Unicorn with Hearts Necklace Coloring Page
Mini Hearts Mandala Coloring Sheet
"I Love You" Valentine's Day Coloring Page
Heart Zentangle Coloring Sheet for Adults
"I Love You" Cute Valentine to Color
Heart-shaped Roses Coloring Sheet
Cute Hearts Love Letter Picture to Color
"Be My Valentine" Doodle for Adults to Color
Sweet Cartoon Mermaid with Heart Coloring Sheet for Kids

Cute Bear with Valentine's Day Craft Coloring Sheet
Hearts Mandala Coloring Page
Cute Unicorn with Heart Balloons for Kids
Sweet Mermaid with Heart Printable PDF
Cute Valentine's Day Coloring Page
Patterned Love Cats Zentangle to Color
Cute Love Cats Valentine's Day Coloring Page
Single Romantic Rose Coloring Page
"I Love You" Valentine's Day Coloring Page
"Be Mine" Heart Doodle for Teens
Cute Love Puppies Picture to Color
Love Valentine's Day Coloring Sheet
Mini Love Hearts Coloring Sheet
Valentine's Day Doodle for Adults to Color
"Trust Your Heart" Printable PDF
Heart Flower with Butterfly Coloring Page
Simple Hearts Mandala Coloring Sheet
Love Hearts Mandala Coloring Sheet
"Will You Be My Valentine" Coloring Sheet
Single Rose PDF
Roses Valentine Coloring Page for Adults
Cartoon Girl with Heart Balloon to Color
Cute Winter Penguins in Love Printable Coloring Page
Cupid Coloring Page

Printable Valentine Cards to Color In

Craft a one-of-a-kind expression of love with our super sweet selection of free printable Valentine card templates. These adorable card designs offer a fun Valentine craft activity for your little ones, or yourself! From sweet candy to cute animals to intrictate doodles, there is something for everyone. To print, simply click on your favorite to view the printable PDF. We hope you have a very Happy Valentine's day! 💌🎨❤️

Printing Tips

Our Valentine card templates are a single-fold design to create a 5x5 or 5x7 inch card size. To make your card, simply print, cut around the outline, and fold down the center! To achieve a store-bought quality card, we recommend printing out your card onto quality thick paper, matte photo paper, or card-stock.

"Happy Valentine's Day" Printable Card to Color
"Be My Valentine" Cute Dragon Valentine to Color
"You are Llamazing" Cute Llama Valentine Card to Color
"Happy Valentine's Day" Cute Puppy Valentine Card to Color
Kawaii Unicorn Printable Valentine Card to Color
Love Heart Candy Printable Valentine to Color
"I Love You to the Moon and Back" Rocket Coloring Card
Hearts Valentine Card for Teens to Color
"I Love You" Sweet Printable Valentine Card to Color
"Love is Magical" Unicorn Valentine to Color
Cute Bear Printable Valentine's Day Card to Color
Heart Zentangle Card to Color
Heart-shaped Roses Valentine to Color
Unicorn with Hearts Card to Color
"I Love You" Printable Valentine Card to Color
"Trust Your Heart" Printable Coloring Card
"LOVE" Word Art Printable Valentine to Color
"L O V E" Cute Sloth Valentine Card to Color

Free Printable Love Coloring Pages

Take a look at our super-sweet collection of Love Coloring Pages for even more Valentine's day coloring sheet ideas! With lots of pictures for kids and adults, you're sure to find the perfect picture to give to that special someone in your life!

Heart Coloring Pages

These heart coloring pages are a great place to find even more ideas for a fun Valentine's Day craft activity. On this page, you'll find a huge range of free printable pictures to download and color in, from simple heart outlines to detailed drawings for older children and adults.

Free Printable Heart Templates

Take a look at our free heart templates for some easy Valentine's Day craft activities for preschoolers and older kids too. You'll find a great range of different-sized hearts, plus folding heart-shaped card templates, and also a template for how to make a heart-chain!

Flower Coloring Pages

On this page, you'll find a beautiful range of flower coloring sheets, including romantic rose bouquets to color in!

Printable Valentine Cards

Take a look at our enormous collection of gorgeous printable Valentine cards, all completely free to download in beautiful high-resolution PDF format.

Valentine's Day Word Search Printables

Looking for a fun Valentine's day activity for kids? Take a look at our collection of Valentine's Day word search printables.

More Valentine's Day Ideas

We hope you've found something you like in our collection of free Valentine's Day coloring pages! If you're looking for more Valentine-themed pages on our site, take a look at these other pages:

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Sweet Candy Coloring Pages

Add a touch of sweetness to your day with these fun Candy coloring pages for kids. You'll find a fabulous collection of sugary delights ready to be brought to life with color!


This printable is for personal, non-commercial use only.

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