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I will be writing a very detailed article on the history, specifications, and price of Mercedes Benz G wagon in Nigeria. I will be writing about all the different variants of the G wagon ranging from 4 X 4, 6 X 6, etc.

As we all know, Mercedes Benz G Wagon is one of the most luxurious Sports Utility Vehicle [SUV] across the globe. The SUV has a second-hand value which is one of the things people always bear in mind when buying a car.

Aside from the luxury, Mercedes Benz G wagon is also sophisticated. The build quality is second to none. It’s stronger than time. The body is very strong to the extent that if it has any impact, it will survive it.

The speed and torque are also phenomenal. The car breathes in a fire. The SUV is rated number one when it comes to speed and luxury. In Nigeria, almost all celebrities have one or more units in his or her garage.

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History of Mercedes Benz G wagon or G Wagen.

The production of Mercedes Benz G wagon started in 1979, ever since then the Mercedes Benz Company have been giving us luxurious G class. Daimler-Benz was in-charge of the production from 1979 up till 1998. In 1998, DaimlerChrysler took over and they manufactured this model up to 2007. Daimler AG started manufacturing from 2007 till the present. In 2018 Magna Steyr started manufacturing the same model. In summary, Daimler AG and Magna Steyr are the two main manufacturers of the G Wagen as of now.

So many people call this beast G wagon which is not the real name. The real name is G Wagen. G-Wagen is the short form ofGelandewagen.It’s worthy to note that Mercedes Benz is not the only company that is selling G-Wagen, Puch G have sold the model in certain markets.

The SUV used three fully locking differentials. G-Wagen is one of the few vehicles to have such features.

In the history of Daimler, the Mercedes Benz G-Wagen is one of the longest produced vehicles with a span of 40 years.

The development of Mercedes Benz G-wagon.

Mercedes Benz G-Wagen was developed as a military vehicle from a suggestion by the Emperor of Iran. The Emperor of Iran at that time was a significant Mercedes Benz shareholder. In 1979, the company offered a civilian version of the model.

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In 1981, G-class got some refinements which include an automatic transmission, air conditioning, an auxiliary fuel tank, protective headlamp grilles, and a cable winch. In 1982, fuel injection became available. Differential locks, a central locking system, and a tachometer became standard and over 50,000 G models were produced by 1986.

The development of Mercedes Benz G-Wagon Pickup truck 6 X 6.

Mercedes Benz G-wagon has a pickup truck. The truck is one of the most sophisticated luxury pickups. Within me, I strongly believe that this truck is the most sophisticated in terms of luxury and durability.

Can you imagine that this truck can drive underwater for hours. The amazing specs are Length: 5875 mm,

Width: 2110

Height: 2210 mm.

The ground clearance is 460 mm and the fording depth at 1000 mm.

Mercedes Benz 6 X 6 is installed with 18-inch Beadlock wheels wrapped with gummy 37-inch tires, the 4196-mm wheelbase (front axle to rearmost axle) has 4105 kg of curb weight. The G63 AMG 6×6 can deliver 0–60 MPH in 7.8 seconds with a top speed limited to 100 MPH.

It features a compressor which allows it to reduce or increase tire pressure in order to adapt the traction to the driving surface, especially in desert-like environments. Its compressor fills four containers with 20 liters each to allow fast inflation of the tires.

The 6 X 6 pickup was developed for theAustralian Army from 2007.As at that time, it was not available for purchase by civilians. If you want to have a taste of luxury then you must join the Australian Army.

In 2013, Mercedes Benz G63 AMG pickup was launched. The production ended in 2015. There are only 69 units made. Most of the ones we see around are upgraded. They are upgraded from G-class 4 X 4 to 6 X 6. The company officially declared the model completely sold out in early 2015. The reason for this is to maintain the model’s exclusivity.

Only 15 units of the RHD version of Brabus 6 X 6 for the Malaysian market. These are the only version of the Right Hand Drive [RHD] 6 X 6 in the whole wide world. These units were made exclusively for the Malaysian market.

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The price tag for Mercedes Benz G-Wagen 6 X 6 pickupwas tagged at 1.7 million Dollars.

The 6 X 6 version is one of the most luxurious and expensive models ever made by Mercedes Benz.

If you want to buy this car, you can only get it on pre-order, aside from that no other way. There are only 69 units on this planet. We have either one or two in the whole of Nigeria.

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The different configurations of Mercedes Benz G-Wagon available in the market.

We have different configurations which consist ofBrabus, AMG, and 4Matic.

Price of tokunbo Mercedes Benz G wagon in Nigeria.

I will give you a break-down of theprices of tokunbo Mercedes Benz G- wagon in Nigeria. I will be mixing up both AMG, 4Matic, and Brabus. I made a post on themeaning of 4Maticand themeaning of Mercedes Benz AMG.

I will start from 2008 to date. I always advise my clients to buy a car that is not too old. Always note that its used and many parts must have worn out.

Price of Tokunbo 2008 Mercedes Benz G-wagon in Nigeria15,000,000 – 20,000,000 Naira
Tokunbo 2009 Mercedes Benz G wagon price in Nigeria18,000,000 – 23,000,000 Naira
Price of Tokunbo 2010 Mercedes Benz G-wagon in Nigeria23,000, 000 – 28,000,000 Naira
Price of Tokunbo 2011 Mercedes Benz G-wagon in Nigeria24,000,000 – 30,000,000 Naira
Tokunbo 2012 Mercedes Benz G wagon price in Nigeria30,000,000 – 38,000,000 Naira
Price of Tokunbo 2013 Mercedes Benz G-wagon in Nigeria38,000,000 – 44,000,000 Naira
Tokunbo 2014 Mercedes Benz G wagon in Nigeria40,000,000 – 48,000,000 Naira
Price of Tokunbo 2015 Mercedes Benz G-wagon in Nigeria55,000,000 – 62,000,000 Naira
Tokunbo 2016 Mercedes Benz G wagon price in Nigeria60,000,000 – 67,000,000 Naira
Price of Tokunbo 2017 Mercedes Benz G-wagon in Nigeria63,000,000 – 70,000,000 Naira
Tokunbo 2018 Mercedes Benz G wagon price in Nigeria70,000,000 – 90,000,000 Naira
Price of Tokunbo 2019 Mercedes Benz G-wagon in Nigeria170,000,000 – 180,000,000 Naira
Tokunbo 2020 Mercedes Benz G wagon price in Nigeria178,000,000 – 190,000,000 Naira
Tokunbo 2021 Mercedes Benz G wagon price in Nigeria190,000,000 – 205,000,000 Naira
Tokunbo 2022 Mercedes Benz G wagon price in Nigeria210,000,000 – 220,000,000 Naira
Tokunbo 2023 Mercedes Benz G wagon price in NigeriaN/A

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Price of brand new 2023 Mercedes Benz G wagon in Nigeria

The price of brand new 2023 Mercedes Benz G Wagon in Nigeria240,000,000 – 260,000,000 Naira

Checkout our listings on brand new 2023 Mercedes Benz G Wagon for sale in Nigeria.

Price of brand new bulletproof Mercedes Benz G-wagon in Nigeria.

Nigerian elites who love luxury and security always go for a bulletproof Mercedes Benz G wagon. The price of a bulletproof G-Wagon in Nigeria depends on the level of the armoring. The most common level of armoring is BR6, we have some bulletproof G-wagon come with VR6 level of armoring.

The price we budgeted below is for the unit that comes with full customs duty and End User Certificate [EUC]. For units without these two compulsory documents, you will get it for less.

If you need a bulletproof G-wagon or you need more info on that, contact us.

With this, I hope you are enlightened about Mercedes Benz G Wagon.

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Price of brand new Bulletproof Mercedes Benz G-Wagon in Nigeria400,000,000 – 500,000,000 Naira

The price of Nigerian used Mercedes Benz G-Wagon bulletproof in Nigeria.

The price of the Nigerian used Mercedes Benz G-Wagon in Nigeria is not fixed. The price differs depending on the year of production and condition of the car.

Price of brand new Mercedes Benz Brabus in Nigeria

The Brabus edition of Mercedes Benz G-Wagon is more costly than the normal edition because The Brabus company has done much tuning on the car. The car is very much powerful than the original one. They come with a more sophisticated kit.

Price of brand new Mercedes Benz Brabus in Nigeria450,000,000 – 600,000,000 Naira

Price of 2024 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon in Nigeria

Price of 2024 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon in Nigeria350,000,000 – 400,000,000 Naira

Read full review and price of 2021 Mercedes-AMG G 63 in Nigeria.

Price of Mercedes Benz G Wagon in Nigeria ⋆ Sellatease Blog (10)

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The reason why you should buy a Mercedes Benz G wagon over other models

There are so many reasons to consider a Mercedes Benz G wagon over any other model.

1. It is luxurious

2. It has a second-hand value.

3. It’s durable. [It’s stronger than time]

4. It comes with superb features.

Check out the full list ofMercedes Benz G63 for sale in NigeriaandMercedes Benz G500 for sale in Nigeria

If you have more enquiries or you need a nice Mercedes Benz G wagon, you can reach us on08107992356.


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Price of Mercedes Benz G Wagon in Nigeria ⋆ Sellatease Blog (2024)


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