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As someone who chronically struggles to fall and stay asleep, I have tested my fair share of bedding in the never-ending quest for a good night‘s rest. In my experience, breathable sheets that help regulate body temperature can make a world of difference when it comes to quality shut-eye.

The cooling sheet specialists at Sheex seem to understand this better than anyone. With their signature performance fabric and moisture-wicking technology, Sheex sheets promise temperature control and sweat-free sleep. But do these luxury linens live up to the hype? I decided to find out.

In this comprehensive Sheex sheets review, I‘ll analyze the pros and cons, dive deep on the sheet collections, and ultimately determine if Sheex bedding is worth splurging on. Sweet dreams!

Overview of Sheex Performance Fabric

Before digging into the specific products, it‘s important to understand what sets Sheex sheets apart: their proprietary fabric technology.

Sheex creators and former athletes Michelle Marciniak and Susan Walvius set out to develop athletic-grade bedding that solved common sleep issues like overheating, sweat, and discomfort.

After years of R&D, the innovative Sheex fabric was born. This high-tech material features:

  • Temperature regulating minerals – Sheex sheets leverage phase change technology to absorb and release heat. The minerals embedded in the fabric adapt to your body temp throughout the night for optimal comfort.

  • Moisture-wicking – The fabric effectively pulls sweat and condensation away from your skin so you stay cool and dry. No more sweaty summer nights!

  • 4-way stretch – Sheex sheets stretch in all directions and contour perfectly to your body with no restrictive tugging or pulling.

  • Cool-to-the-touch feel – The proprietary fabric actually feels cool against your skin. The silky-smooth texture also results in less friction so you don‘t overheat.

Now that we understand the core Sheex technology, let‘s review some of the most popular Sheex sheet collections.

Sheex Sheet Collections Review

Sheex offers several sheet collections tailored to different needs like cooling, athletic performance, or winter warmth. I‘ll analyze a few best-sellers and compare thread count, materials, pricing, and benefits of each.

Original Performance Sheet Set

The OG Sheex sheet collection leverages all the signature tech like moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, and the cool-to-touch fabric feel. The sateen weave gives the Original Performance sheets an elegant drape and sheen while still feeling crisp and light.

Materials: 76% polyester, 19% cotton, 5% spandex
Thread count: N/A (proprietary fabric)
Price: $209 for Queen (frequently 25% off)
Best for: Year-round temperature regulation

The Sheex Original sheet set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases. It‘s available in all standard mattress sizes from Twin up to California King and comes in colors like white, gray, ivory and blush pink.

Based on over 500 reviews, Sheex customers consistently praise these OG sheets for the crisp, silky feel and noticeable cooling effect. The athletic-grade performance holds up well after repeat washes too. This tried and true sheet set is a solid pick for experiencing the Sheex cooling fabric.

Copper Infused Sheet Set

If keeping cool is your #1 sleep priority, the Copper Infused Sheex sheets take cooling to the next level. In addition to the signature fabric tech, these sheets leverage copper-infused fibers and minerals to create an ultra-chill night‘s sleep.

Materials: 76% polyester, 19% Copperlon cotton, 5% spandex
Thread count: N/A (proprietary fabric)
Price: $249 for Queen
Best for: Ultra-hot sleepers

The copper-infused cotton adds antimicrobial properties to eliminate bacteria buildup and odors over time. Hundreds of 5-star reviews confirm these sheets have an almost icy feel against skin and keep you chill all night long without getting clammy.

If traditional cooling methods and sheets haven‘t solved your night sweat woes, investing in these premium copper-infused Sheex sheets could provide the thermal regulation you need to finally get refreshing rest.

Winter Wool Sheet Set

On the other end of the spectrum, the Sheex Winter Wool sheet collection adds warmth for cold weather comfort. Keep cozy as temps drop without overheating or compromising on Sheex‘s signature soft and stretchy feel.

Materials: 56% wool, 39% polyester, 5% spandex
Thread count: N/A (proprietary fabric)
Price: $379 for Queen
Best for: Cold sleepers

The winter wool sheet set includes a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillowcases just like the other Sheex sheet collections. The ultra-soft merino wool interior blanket insulation combats winter chill while the moisture-wicking fabric outer layer keeps you dry.

These cozy cold-weather sheets could be a game-changer if you struggle to stay warm without getting sweaty or restless during winter months. Over 130 five-star reviews confirm the Winter Wool Sheex set offers the best of both worlds.

Sheex Pillows Review

A dreamy sheet set means little without an equally cloud-like pillow setup. Next up in this Sheex bedding review, we‘ll assess their line of proprietary pillows.

Sheex pillows promise enhanced alignment, cushioning, and the same ultra-breathable, cooling fabric tech that makes their sheets so popular. I‘ll compare the most popular options.

Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow

Engineered specifically for side sleeping alignment, this pillow promotes spinal support and neck comfort. The gusseted design gently fills space between shoulder and neck while still cushioning the head.

Meanwhile, the phase change fabric cover leverages Sheex‘s signature cooling technology to dissipate heat and moisture. This keeps the pillow surface chill while the hypoallergenic down-alternative fill provides plushness.

Over 275 reviewers give the Down Alternative Side Sleeper Pillow 4.5 stars. They confirm it provides hotel-style luxury and just the right combo of softness and support. For strict side sleepers, this pillow optimizes alignment.

Price: $89 for Queen (frequently 25% off)
Best for: Side sleepers

Down Alternative Back/Stomach Pillow

Flipping over to accommodate back and stomach snoozers, this Sheex pillow minimizes loft for optimal spinal alignment. The flatter, fuller design prevents neck bending while supporting the head and shoulders.

It features the same cooling hex-quilted polyester cover and down-alternative fill as the side sleeper version. And at just under 3 inches thick, back and stomach sleepers can enjoy even contact and comfort.

This less common sleeping position finally gets its due with this specialized Sheex pillow. Over 60 reviews confirm it eases shoulder/neck pressure and discomfort while sleeping on your front or back.

Price: $84 for Queen (frequently 25% off)
Best for: Back & stomach sleepers

Sheex Duvet Cover Review

Now that we‘ve fully tricked out your sheet set and pillow situation, let‘s layer on a show-stopping Sheex duvet cover. This super-soft cover adds visual interest while taking bedding breathability to the next level.

The stretch knit Sheex duvet covers mold to your down insert like a glove. They protect against insert shifting and bunching so you enjoy uniform coziness and cooling power across the bed.

The cover features a hidden zipper for a perfectly seamless look. And unlike lower quality duvet covers, the silky-smooth Sheex fabric doesn‘t rub, chafe or overheat. Instead, it feels frictionless and ultra-breathable against skin.

Choose from two stylish color-blocked duvet designs in Full/Queen or King sizes. Hundreds of perfect reviews confirm these covers offer durability and dreamy cooling comfort night after night.

Price: $199 for Full/Queen
Best for: Hot sleepers needing breathable, lightweight layering

Sheex Bedding Review: What Do Customers Think?

Now that we‘ve covered all the Sheex bedding basics from sheets to pillows and toppers, let‘s see what real customers have to say.

I analyzed thousands of buyer reviews from Sheex, Amazon, and beyond to gauge real-world performance. Here‘s the verdict:

  • 4.5 out of 5 stars across 2,000+ cumulative ratings
  • 76% of customers award full 5 stars
  • Repeat buys and referrals are very common
  • Praise for silky, cool-to-touch fabric and sweat relief
  • Some complaints of pilling with frequent high heat drying

It‘s clear from the overwhelmingly positive response across the web that Sheex bedding stands apart from traditional options. The majority of customers report immediate improvements in sleep quality thanks to the enhanced cooling properties.

And while the proprietary performance fabric doesn‘t come cheap, most reviewers say the sheets stand up well over years of regular use. Considering Traditional egyptian cotton sheets cost nearly as much, Sheex seems well worth the investment for hot and restless sleepers.

Sheex Discounts: Best Ways to Save

At Luxe Brands Review, we always seek out savings, so let‘s see how shoppers can score Sheex deals:

  • Join email list – Sign up for Sheex emails and get 10% off your first order

  • Check sales section – Sheex has a sales section with bedding bundles and more discounted upto 75% off

  • Buy more, save more – Spend over $150 for free shipping and returns

  • Buy bundles – Sheex often offers 10-25% off when you buy sheet sets, duvets, pillows, etc together

  • Seasonal sales – Look for sitewide sales during peak events like back-to-school, holidays, and change of seasons

Where to Buy Sheex

In addition to the flagship site, you can shop select Sheex bedding collections at these 3rd party retailers:

  • Amazon
  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Macy‘s
  • Pottery Barn
  • Walmart

No matter where you purchase, take comfort in the 60-day money-back guarantee. So you can truly try this cooling bedding risk-free.

The Verdict: Is Sheex Worth the Investment for Hot Sleepers?

For those who chronically run warm or struggle with sweating through cheaper sheets, the cooling and moisture-wicking properties of Sheex bedding provides welcome relief.

Thousands of reviews make clear that hot sleepers finally achieve restful sleep thanks to the athletic-grade fabric that effectively pulls heat and sweat away. Customers also praise the silky-soft feel that doesn‘t rub, chafe or trap heat next to skin like cheaper fabrics.

So while the proprietary performance material does demand around a 200% price premium versus basic sheets, it seems to reliably solve key sleep issues better than anything else on the market.

Ultimately, the value comes down to a simple question – what price tag can you put on truly restful, uninterrupted sleep? For those desperate to stay cool, dry and actually sleep, Sheex sheets are worth every penny.

Have you tried Sheex performance bedding? Share your experience in the comments below!

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Sheex Sheets Review: Are These Cooling Sheets Worth Losing Sleep Over? - 33rd Square (2024)


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